Hosted By Dr. Edward, The Healing Vet

Pets+ People + Harmony Intensive Workshop with Kara Udziela 
Animal Whispering at Home - Practice Edition
Kara Udziela owner and founder of Pet's Eye View, with her unique blend of animal telepathy, various energy healing techniques, and extensive practical knowledge of animals, Kara has helped countless individuals and their beloved pets enhance their relationships, overcome health challenges, and resolve issues. 

Kara helps pets and their people to do better and feel better and form stronger bonds, using a unique mix of animal telepathy, metaphysical skills, and practical animal behaviour and nutrition knowledge. 

In this Intensive Workshop Kara will teach you practical skills that you can use at home with your pets, to create a deeper relationship where communication goes both ways.

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In this 2 hour Intensive Workshop we cover:

Learn how animals are already listening

How to listen to your animals, and know their needs better

How to trust yourself

How to feel sense and know that you are receiving information/communication from your pets

How the body holds energetic pain

Instant Access to a bonus Ebook and guided meditation

And much more

Lifetime access to the recording and resources

Feedback from the live workshop:

Helen: Great for building my confidence. Enjoyed checking in with your pets. 

Sandy: Straight forward, easy to understand information. Another beautiful communication to benefit all

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