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Pets+ People + Harmony Intensive Workshop Kind Training with Bryndon Golya
Bryndon is a skillful and experienced dog trainer. In contrast to traditional dog training, Bryndon takes a more holistic and relationship-based approach to behavior modification. 

He helps his clients look deeper into the various potential causes of unwanted behaviors that are often overlooked such as proper nutritional support and adequate mental enrichment, meeting the needs of the dog first

Bryndon promotes positive reinforcement techniques, offering more choice and appropriate play to support better behavior and learning for both pets and pet parents.

You will be given actionable solutions for strengthening the dog-owner relationship!

In this Intensive Workshop Bryndon will teach you a whole stack of practical concepts and skills to put into practice with your lovely dogs.
In this 2 hour Intensive Workshop we cover:

Three ways to increase your dog’s confidence, especially on walks

Why kindness is the ultimate training principle

Using Management + rewards to strengthen your relationship with your dogs

Offering choice vs demanding behavior

The treatment of dogs as working dogs and family pets and human expectations

Communication issues and dog myths 

Explore reasons for conflicts between dogs and owners 

And much more

Instant Lifetime access to the recordings and resources

You’ll walk away with actionable solutions for strengthening your relationship with your pets!

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