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Dr Judy Teaches You Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

~ Understanding The Energetics of Food: How to Choose the Right Food for Your Pet ~

Online Intensive Workshop - Instant Access
Dr. Judy is one of the leading holistic veterinarians on the planet. In this Intensive online workshop, Dr. Judy will be empowering you to help your pets live a longer, happier, more vital life. She will share information on how to use natural healing therapies, and how to feed the healthiest possible diet.

This is a PRACTICAL workshop that will teach you how to DO THINGS that make a real DIFFERENCE for your beloved pets!

There will be a live Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

The Intensive Workshop presentation and Q&A session will be recorded and you'll have ongoing access to the recordings.

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In this 2 hour Intensive Workshop we cover:

Understanding the basics of TCVM food energetics (cooling, neutral, and warming foods) and how this affects your pets

The energy qualities of different types of food (raw, cooked, kibble)

Understanding different foods (meats, vegetables, fruits) when it comes to what kind of energy they have, and how that affects your pets

How to use the energetics of particular kinds of foods to balance your pet and help them overcome symptoms they might have related to being fed the wrong way

How to assess your pet's energetic nature, and how to match the best kinds of foods to their needs for health, allergies, gut issues, behaviour, etc

And much more

Instant lifetime access to the recordings of the live session!

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